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I have friends who will vote for the man. They will remain my friends after this election, even if Trump wins. They may have to travel to visit me in whatever American Gulag I am assigned by whichever maniac he chooses to lead the Justice Department, but maybe he will farm out those who left a written record of their opposition to his election to his bro Putin who has much more experience in this regard. I am sure Director Comey at the FBI will remain a very comfortable fit for Mr. Trump. Perhaps he also speaks Russian.

Please do not cast your vote for this man. I am not asking you to vote for Hillary Clinton. Write in John Kasich or Mitt Romney or Republican Gov. Susana Martinez of NM, Republican Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska, a Medal of Honor winner or a Marine grunt serving in some faraway place, any decent person who tries to live with some degree of personal honor.

Mr. Trump is a man who agreed that his teenage daughter was a “piece of ass.” Mr. Trump is a man who mocked someone afflicted by a disease. He said these things on tape. Look them up. Mr. Trump believes in grabbing women by the pussy because he is a star. His believes that his celebrity gives him that prerogative. What will he do with the power of the Presidency behind him? Mr. Trump believes in an economic plan that will create a monstrous aristocracy of the super rich. He does not pay his bills. These are facts. Look them up. He humiliates any who oppose him. You would not leave your daughter alone in a room with anyone else who said what he has said.

I have not read one, not one serious defense from a supporter as to why he is a logical choice as shown by a factual presentation of his proposed policies and temperament. Not one. Every defense of a potential vote for him is always an attack on “crooked Hillary.” I do not think anyone can present such a well-reasoned defense.

I fear the prospective consequences of his election — a devastated economy, the real suffering of millions of men, women and children through the exercise of his police powers, the serious potential for war because of his erratic judgment, impulsiveness, world class arrogance and vast ignorance of how geo-politics actually works. I fear the wreckage he will make of wild places and of the laws protecting clean air and water. But I also fear what I cannot imagine — all the unintended consequences of his election that will proceed from his profound contempt for other human beings, especially women and people of color.

Please, please think about the content of this man’s character — not based on any other report — but only on the evidence of your own senses in judgment of his own words and deeds.

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  1. Nancy says:

    He has already destroyed the standards of civility, which provided a fragile barrier against violence. He would lead to anarchy.

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