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February, 2014Every Good Morning has been up and running since June 2011; it is intended to be one remedy for my retirement — this is where I can continue to tell stories and try to make sense of what I see, think and read. I want to write clearly and memorably so that you too might discover something surprising here. I was given the advantage of being born and raised by a mother and father who provided my sisters and brother with first-rate examples of good character and who often allowed us to find our own way. My streak of independence comes from them.


Patti, February, 2014I taught high school English for 36 years to every kind of student at every ability level. I loved teaching with every atom in my body; now, this site is my classroom. I promise not to be pedantic. In January 2013, when the revised site goes public, I will be 60 years old and creakier but still strong and quick – a thumper to the end I hope. My curiosity remains unquenched. There is still so much to learn. I hope you enjoy my work. Thank you for stopping by. Please, come again. Sincerely, Mike Wall P.S. The paintings and charcoals which appear on the main pages of this site have been done by my wife, Patti. She knows how to bring out the soul of landscapes and horses.

wolfie and luna august 2014Wolfie and Luna

Tony and I on Lake Mountain in New Mexico, 12,400 feet, August 2014


The dogs and me in front of our home, April, 2015








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