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You Can Listen Here: The dogs and I have been out in this “mild, mild wind, and a mild looking sky. On such a day – very much such a sweetness as this” we should remember the strokes of grace freely given to us — the joy of these and all animals, this early break in winter, flowers beginning to show themselves in green shoots along southern walls, the relief of shrugging off heavy […]

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You Can Listen Here: Fuck your gun rights. Fuck your “nothing will work so let’s arm teachers and make every school, movie theater and music venue into locked down camps.” Fuck your incremental change, little steps, ban bump stocks bullshit. Fuck your “Guns don’t kill people” lie. Fuck your “let’s ban cars because people die in accidents, your “let’s ban knives, axes, glass bottles, sharp sticks, stones, ropes and teeth because they have all […]

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You Can Listen Here: I know of the horror of what Hoover and the FBI did to Dr. King, and how too many police departments abuse their power — through fines and tickets, too many use poor communities to fund their cities or towns. Too many turn a blind eye to corruption, brutality, unlawful practices. Poor people too often suffer under the hands of too many officers. I know all this. I am not […]

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You Can Listen Here: In a book whose title I have long forgotten, I remember that in preparation for combat on islands in the south Pacific, Marines were taught to let their eyes move slowly, continuously, over trees without looking for anything in particular, but to allow their predator’s or prey’s instinct to alert them to something off in a silhouette or shadow and to fire at that spot because it may be where […]

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