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Y ou Can Listen Here There are thousands, tens of thousands of honeybees in this place, unsprayed, healthy, gathering pollen at a frenetic pace. Goldenrod covers about 15 acres of 24 and one stalk produces hundreds and hundreds of flowers. In 9 square feet, a patch  3′ by 3′, three stalks held 17 bees. Wading into the yellow middle of it all, the sounds of their flight, of their work, is continuous, a drone and hum […]

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Y ou Can Listen Here Inside the blind dressed in clothes washed in soap meant to mask their human funk, I wait for light and deer. This morning I do not carry the bow. I walked to this field in darkness, keeping to tree-lines, and made less noise than I imagined, so that unzipping and flicking closed the west entrance, and then opening the half-moon flaps to the north, east and south sounded so […]

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Y ou Can Listen Here One could fill container ships with the volume of Mr. Trump’s boorish, inane, insulting or ignorant remarks. But let those go. Let go his incoherence on any matter of policy. Let go his lack of curiosity. Let go the necessity to construct a police state to fulfill his promise to deport Mexicans (invited into this country to work by our desire for lower prices). Pay no attention to his inability to learn. Pass […]

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You Can Listen Here The Clintons* are exhausting. In this, their 25th year with us, they sap away enthusiasm. Sec. Clinton is as inspiring as day old Wonder bread. She cannot connect. In the case of the Clinton Foundation  Secretary Clinton seems to carry with her an indifference as to what might be perceived as unethical. Jonathan Chait of New York Magazine has described “the purpose of the Clinton Foundation is to leverage Clinton fame into charitable donations. That purpose […]

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