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You Can Listen Here In only 30 days, as they promised, they have begun to kill things and to keep their promises to kill more. Coal companies are once again allowed to decapitate mountains and dump the waste into streams . Gun rights have been restored for the mentally ill . Pruitt will try his best to smash protections for clean air and water. Look for many more Flints to occur. Senator Barrasso of Wyoming will seek to destroy the Endangered Species Act . Wolves stand to […]

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You Can Listen Here The pace is increasing. Faster and faster we seem to roll forward from one day to the next overwhelmed by President Trump’s decisions, tweet-reactions to criticisms and reversals, leaks, weird phone calls to foreign leaders and overall wild behavior. In a few weeks he already seems to be approaching the kind of velocity that will only produce catastrophes. Political physics is every bit as unforgiving as the laws that govern […]

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You Can Listen Here Dogs don’t get irony or lying. They don’t understand politics. They get heat and cold and hunger. They understand cruelty, and even upon reaching safety will wince at a raised hand or voice. They will retreat. They will try to hide. They understand fear, and loneliness, and the absence of love and of touch. Dogs who have been on the receiving end of torture or beatings or prolonged neglect recover […]

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You Can Listen Here Contempt is a form of blindness. It is arrogance made of a story we tell ourselves because we wish to be superior or because we are afraid. Whatever long-form the opposition to President Trump eventually becomes, it cannot be contemptuous of those who voted for him. To fall into contempt for his voters is a terrible mistake, one HRC made with her comment on “deplorables”. It assumes the worst of millions […]

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