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You Can Listen Here Not even 100 days in and I have to stop myself from pointlessly, foolishly raging against and wishing that every one of these crooked, death-loving, merciless, rapacious, malignant, mercenary cockroach-centipede motherfuckers the worst fates I can imagine. And you know exactly of whom I speak. And I know that such a desire is in poor taste and immoral to boot. I know it stops up my heart, immediately blinds me, limits my […]

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You Can Listen Here Tuesday’s dour skies are easier to bear in late March. You know what’s coming. You’ve had a taste of warmth and light. When a cloud drifts down a ridge line of bare trees in a cold wind, it’s not so bad. There’s a Least Flycatcher just arrived from somewhere south perched on a dry weed and doing figure 8’s and other geometries up and back to grab whatever forsaken insects are […]

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You Can Listen Here My sister and her husband took care of my parents in their home for as long as they were able until my Mother’s condition required 24 hour care. My mother spent her final two years in a nursing facility. After she exhausted her savings, her bill was paid by Medicaid. If the Republicans pass the AHCA in the House today, they will have completed the first step in destroying Medicaid. […]

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You Can Listen Here Saturday morning at a local strip mall three crows, staying close, walking across snow, one of them dipping and cloaking his wings and crakking-croaking. They were gleaming black in all the gray of this low-cloud wet-cold morning. I pulled over to watch them. Nothing else suddenly mattered. They only flew when I lowered the window. I see them every day — a family of five who have this parcel of my […]

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