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Y ou Can Listen Here Misogyny is an Escher print come into motion and then twisted so that its surface refutes any clean application of moral logic. It is power exercised in spaces devoid of rules and thus without places of sanctuary. For some men, women are enemies or tools, subordinate subsets of humanity to either be opposed or used. In the discordant perceptions and judgments of misogyny, if a woman resists her subordinate […]

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Y ou Can Listen Here Fifteen feet up a tree at the edge of a woodland, meadow to the north, west and east, deep woods to the south, I balanced the bow on a safety bar and sought to remain still. A mass of wild grape vine shaded me. The tree blocked my view to the east along a trail on the meadow’s edge. To look back required a choreography of small movements — […]

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Y ou Can Listen Here Political monsters go beyond accepted codes of decency again and again and feel no remorse. If they are not caught, unmasked, or stopped cold, they will continue. They believe their power gives them the right to do as they wish to the powerless for “the wolf is entitled to the lamb.”* Some are able to disguise themselves. They escape justice by relocating and fading in, by adopting a new […]

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Y ou Can Listen Here A caution: if you dislike hunting, you should not read this specific post. There are birds in the corn everywhere — titmice, chickadees and squadrons of mourning doves. They are shaking the stalks and dried leaves before and in back of my spot. I am hiding my face in a shadow thrown by a corner of the blind from the sun arcing down to the west. Three raccoons have […]

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