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You Can Listen Here: At 24 the natural world opened for me like the door in the Arabian Nights, and I stepped out of some kind of heedless space made of inattention into the forms of this life made up of animals and weather and landscape and sky. At 24 I spent 6 weeks in Montana in the Beartooth Mountains, and I read Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard. Montana taught me how to be awestruck and Dillard how […]

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You Can Listen Here: It is a relief to write about something beautiful. Nothing else looks like a scarlet tanager . This is only the second I have ever seen. Emerging into a small clearing from deep woods, quiet and slowing to look up, it caught my eye 40 feet high on a broken branch of an ash tree. Scarlet and raven black. It hop-flew from branch to limb to the crown and away. The male tanager […]

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You Can Listen Here Shakespeare knew of other Trumps. In King Lear, Regan says of her father, “Tis the infirmity of his age, yet he hath ever but slenderly known himself.” Trump comes into office riding a wave of adrenaline, of enormous rallies of cheering supporters who love his brand of anarchy, his wealth, his refusal to be hemmed in by convention. He comes into office riding his wave of promises and his destruction […]

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You Can Listen Here Conquest by Hugh Thomas is the history of the defeat of the Aztec Empire (hereafter called the Mexica) by Spanish Conquistadors under the command of Hernando Cortes in 1519 through 1521. It is the story of one empire ascending, the Spanish, and one at its peak and perhaps beginning its decline, the Mexica, whose gold and land in its fall fed the explosive growth of power in those who had subdued […]

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