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You Can Listen Here: That greasy spatter of apprehension draining from Washington, sometimes becoming dread, seems to leach into every normal errand and action, but birds subdue its effect … and dogs and laughter and children. All of this adds up to less time pondering the damage done by the political ghouls who too often command my attention. Our dogs begin pacing each morning at 5:30 or 5:45, hungry, up with the light, and in […]

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You Can Listen Here: The poison goes much deeper now, his infection, this contagion of unreason and cultish worship. What other words would do justice to the present faith in Trump, this singular performer, this grotesque antithetical to truth and decency and civility and kindness and competence and honesty? This ‘faith’ is not stupidity. Those who believe separate the rest of their problem-solving, children-loving, job-holding competencies from their faith in Trump. It would be […]

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You Can Listen Here: The sandstone wall under the maples becomes a line along the garden and curves like a snake in motion. It is capped by a beaked piece of granite I found in the field next door and carried home in some delight. How did granite wind up here? I keep a chair under the tree near water and the feeders that descend from branches. The birds are used to me. I […]

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You Can Listen Here: The Apostles had many doubts. One yearned to place his hand within the wound so as to believe. One denied Him three times when He most needed aid. They were often thick, too worried, lacking confidence. But they also saw the dead rise from dirt floors; a roof torn away, a suffering body lowered to Him, the sick man, healed, walk out the door; the astonishment of the loaves and […]

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