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You Can Listen Here: Let us give thanks for Donald J. Trump for he has reminded us that we have the language to describe what we are seeing, that the words ‘lie’, ‘cruel’, ‘corrupt’, ‘cynical’, vile’, retain their meaning. Let us give thanks that Donald J. Trump and his Republican accomplices make statements or take actions every day that tie themselves to these words. For example, the loathsome Joe Arpaio running for Senate from […]

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You Can Listen Here: On March 11, 2011 a tsunami struck the Japanese coast north of Tokyo near the city of Sendai. Successive waves, some as high as a six story building, smashed everything they could reach. The waves did not look like water. A description of it “above the town of Natori: it begins over land rather than sea, with a view of dun winter paddy fields. Something is moving across the landscape […]

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You Can Listen Here: Janine Di Giovanni has reported from the front lines of both Intifadas, Sarajevo, Chechnya, Kosovo, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and too many others to mention. She has been present at the collapse of civilization in all of these places and has witnessed what came after. She has the moral authority of a witness who has been where few have traveled and recorded the moral horror of war in […]

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You Can Listen Here: This ends well but begins in a nightmare. For me, cruelty mated to rage produces a pathological mystery. I understand something of the sociology and psychology of the two, of how history, both personal and societal, will play a part in the brew. But the thoughtful nature of such actions, their premeditation, their choice by ‘normal’ individuals, leaves me with nothing but a blank inside, an emptiness I cannot see […]

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