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You Can Listen Here In three days, the sun will be poised at the celestial equator, Spring will have officially arrived, and all might be well for those hours you can pull yourself away from the indoor cruelties of the dark news and into this astonishing light. I have seen this combination of royal blue skies and snow and the early gold and red buds of trees before in the high country of both […]

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You Can Listen Here This country, in its media and governmental incarnations, on-line and in the 24-7 news cycle of talk shows, feels like a civil war before the cleansing and killing begin, before the roads clogged with refugees, before the warlord gangs seize control of turf and food and weapons. All the voices feel like howls. But in my fortunate life, when I go to breakfast, see lots of people at work, talk […]

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You Can Listen Here It is a relief to see the greening taking place after this grim fall and winter. The red wings have been back for two weeks. The peepers began early last week. The morning territorial calls have begun, and now the earth is turning into the sun minute by minute. The heart cannot help but be lightened. Thursday morning before dawn the clouds were shredding the sky with lavenders and grays and […]

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You Can Listen Here This is the twenty-sixth iteration of this list, twenty three of those for graduating seniors over twenty three years, the twenty-fifth in March of 2015 . My  last class graduated six years ago. My audience has changed, as have I, and so has my reading.   Revised: March, 2017 I am reading more now than any time since college, but parts of those days are taken by The New Yorker, The New York Times, […]

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