Every Good Morning

You Can Listen Here: The morning bite is back at least for now, and it kicks in more energy — that cold air briskness we long for after the drenching summer. Down the steps heading to the gym, early, early, good layered grays and pearls and lavenders of a November sky — head up, eyes wide. He is doing that fox lope so different from a dog or wolf. It looks as if there […]

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You Can Listen Here: Rumpelstiltskin bets no one will uncover his name, and thus he will take away the great prize of a child to call his own. When the Queen reveals that she knows and utters his name aloud, he descends into such a temper that he shouts, “The devil told you, the devil told you,”* and then he stamps his feet so hard upon the ground he sinks to his waist, and […]

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You Can Listen Here: Running Desperate, their suppressed energies touching us and making us shimmer as well with their sympathetic need — dogs make you move. We stopped at acres of fields below Middlebury College. In 2012 the Dalai Lama walked here, perhaps in the labyrinth marked at the 4 points of the compass by upright stones. Released, they run back and forth between us, their eyes wide, their reflexes tuned to the slightest […]

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You Can Listen Here: John McCain could lift his head and say, “The sky is blue, the earth is round” and I would have to hesitate and double-check my knowledge of physics and geography. There is little upon which we agree, but he is an honorable man who suffered beatings and torture and stayed constant to his fellow POW’s when his captors pushed him to go home ahead of men who had been shot […]

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