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men with gunsWhat good sized proportion of this country are moral lunatics? Men who love guns more than children? Not even their own guns, which no person is threatening to repossess, but guns in the abstract, guns not yet owned, guns as regalia and scepter and icon, guns as righteous guarantors of their pitiful, tough-guy illusions.

Not one law changed after 21 children and their teachers were murdered in Sandy Hook. Nothing will change after the murder of only 9 men and women in Oregon — except for the eternal resonance of mad grief in the families of the dead. The usual mild sociopaths in Congress will do the NRA’s bidding.

As surely as the sun rises in the blood-red East, more will die because “stuff happens”*, and nothing at all can be done “because evil people do evil things”** — remarks that imply that we live in a dark age where we read the cast of chicken bones to determine our actions or watch for omens in the sky to signal how we should live our lives. Nothing will change, and more lies and more lies and more lies will be puked up by the gun lobby and their whores until they are again confident that this most recent murderous ceremony will recede into memory and the disordered, primeval nation has returned to its fearful, amnesic sleep.

*Jeb Bush **Mike Huckabee

© Mike Wall

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  1. Matt says:

    Thank you, again. The pseudo-moral outrage about this hypothetical gun-napping that all these gun advocates fear is so demoralizing to me. Those who are preparing for the apocalypse are bringing it to pass.

  2. Paul says:

    As a born-again, King James Bible – totin’ Christian, I am happy that My Lord has seen fit via judicial fiat (the mother of my children not only divorced me … she got a permanent protective order) to take guns away from me. Did I say that I ana Vietnam combat vet with PTSD?

  3. Patrick says:

    This congress is one of the worst. Hopefully Obama can find some type of executive authority to do their job (as usual). And something I’ve been wondering…why can I buy an AR-15 assault rifle at a gun show and leave with it that very day, but have to wait for up to a week to purchase and receive a handgun? Seems twisted.

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