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After the desolation of this implacable winter, and the steady weeks of dim grays as if each day carried a virus that sucked light out of every mortal thing, these final April days are the physician’s balm. The blue skies are more intense than in any other Pennsylvania season, but even under marbled skies the deeper color of lavender, every living thing seems healed by color — green-gold leaves the size of quarters, pink and white dogwood, yellows breaking out on goldfinches, the ivory of cherry blossoms and the green of new grass, never more intense than now, after rain and a cool night. It is a kick just to be out and looking, drifting without destination except to take in bits of those colors for yourself. 004012014 (1)

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  1. Barbara says:

    Thank you for sharing. This is my first spring walking through the park; each day brings magical new revelations.

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