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Yesterday, the sky filled with clouds blue as bruises and the light sharp enough to have a blade and the wind blowing hard right out of the west — we walked into the squall, hail-snow cutting with enough force to cause me to turn my back and cover my face, the dogs jacked up and oblivious, racing into the shock of it.

2016-04-09 10.38.07 (1)Today, this soft snow filling the cups of spider webs, hundreds and hundreds of them, thousands over both fields. Then the apparition — too many to count, mourning doves by the score, camoed by the gray-white scrub, take off in a rush, the great whirring of their wings causing us to look up and be still.20160409_094225

© Mike Wall

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  1. Annette says:

    We had snow on spiderwebs too–I never saw anything like that. It was beautiful!

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