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Sitting with these good women banishes worries. I do not have to watch my words for there is no threat in the room, no duplicity, no predatory drive. We have been released to look and listen. Enough of our histories are known to the other to create clear portraits — both know of my comic desperations, my foolishness and dumbass remarks, the tragedies and the furies.

coffeeThere is coffee, the familiar pitch and tremors of their voices and laughter, the comfortable gestures, the blue-sky youth still alive in their faces. Age adds thankfulness to the mix. Together, we can be at rest. We do not have to explain the intricacies of a lifetime’s work, teaching in the same school over decades.

Our adult lives took shape inside classrooms. One word, a variation in tone, one shadow rolling into the eyes, one bark of glee is often all the essential action we require to initiate our response on every bump and bearing we encountered and traveled within all the years — how to use comments on essays to reach kids; the ways to deal with lunatic parents; why the job demands humility, and what delights we can list on seeing all those young faces each day open before us.

There is coffee, the comfort of familiarity, the certainty of trust, the hard-earned wisdom in their eyes that found its origin through brawls and losses and in the joyfulness discovered in the presence of young men and women that is so deep it cannot be made into words.

But we can look at each other and know we share all this, and that our friendships have granted us this dispensation.

Sixty-three is a number that better deliver an awareness of the tempo and time allotted to a life, but also, improvised and singing by its side, an appreciation of the duets and trios, quartets and quintets friendships can form and give voice to in refrains as lovely as we might ever hear.

© Mike Wall

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  1. Elaine says:

    Mike, This is exactly how I feel with my equine buddies in France!

  2. Jean says:

    Hello there, my friend. Yes, friendship is one of the greatest blessings life can offer. Tried and true friendships are the best. That’s just one more reason I’m so happy at this point in time.

  3. Keith says:

    Some of us call ourselves soldiers, some ministers, police, poets, pilots and still others students of experience. All of us share the grind, the daily trip of elation, heartache, astonishment and delight in the journey and privilege of leading kids. We are blessed in our mission and in each other’s company and effort on this same front line. I count myself as very lucky and privileged to have shared a school with you but your writings continue to remind me I had kids too late. They missed out on having Mr. Wall!

  4. Cindy says:

    It is 8:20 on a Sunday morning. I am sitting in my car on a Seattle street waiting for my grad school class to begin. I should be getting ready for church…but hearing your voice reminds me that “church” can be many things. Today church is a cozy car where I watch clouds meander across the sky and listen to a voice from my youth. I smile. I am grateful.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I love going back to this one, my friend. Thank you.

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